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Dress Code

District/North Valley Dress Code

Updated August 6, 2020

All Mapleton schools are pausing uniform policies for the upcoming school year as we focus on safely reopening schools and getting back to learning. It is our hope that this decision will help our families get ready to go back to school as we all focus on keeping our community and classrooms healthy.   

For the upcoming school year, we ask that all families follow the District standards for dress code outlined in our student behavior handbook, Students are welcome and encouraged to show their school pride by wearing school colors, logos tees, and clothing that follows uniform guidelines that they may already have. If families are interested in school logo shirts, please contact individual school directors and they will assist in getting these items. 

As a reminder, masks will be encouraged as much as possible and especially when in close proximity to other students/staff. Masks should also follow the District standard for dress codes. 

Mapleton/North Valley recognizes that responsibility for the dress and appearance of students generally rests with individual students and their parents. Students are expected to dress appropriately for all school activities.  The following items are considered inappropriate and shall not be worn in school buildings, on school grounds, and at school activities:

  1. Shorts, dresses, skirts or other similar clothing shorter than mid-thigh length;
  2. Pants or shorts that expose undergarments.
  3. Sunglasses and/or hats are worn inside the building.
  4. Inappropriately sheer, tight or low-cut clothing ( e.g., midriffs, halter tops, backless clothing, tube tops, garments made of fishnet, mesh or similar material, muscle tops, etc.) that bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including, but not limited to, the stomach, buttocks, back & breasts; or pants that expose undergarments.
  5. Tank tops or other similar clothing with straps narrower than 1.5 inches in width;
  6. Any clothing, paraphernalia, grooming, jewelry, hair coloring, accessories, or body adornments that are or contain any advertisement, symbols, words, slogans, patches or pictures that:
    • Refer to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons
    • Are of a sexual nature
    • By virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute denote membership in gangs  which advocate drug use, violence, or disruptive behavior
    • Are obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, or legally libelous
    • Threaten the safety and welfare of any person
    • Promote any activity prohibited by the student code of conduct
    • Otherwise, disrupt the teaching-learning process