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North Valley Science

Science Classroom

In the North Valley Science classroom, our mission is to collectively learn and explore our ability to think and reason with unfamiliar ideas. Questions are often more valuable than answers, and there is no limit to what may be discovered. For these reasons, our classroom is designed to support student inquiry, hands-on exploration, and collaborative discovery. Students design much of their own instruction: asking meaningful and testable questions, then carrying out experiments to investigate for themselves. We have found answers to questions like "Which elements are most reactive with hydrochloric acid?", "Which beverages are the most acidic?", and "How does the density of corn syrup change as it freezes?" And with answers to these questions, we have a taste for discovery, which galvanizes our curiosity and generates thousands of more questions. Questions that we are well equipped to chase until they tire out and give up their answers, only to find more questions to follow.

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